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Check the official Need for Speed III website for the latest Cars & Showcase download.
(Need for Speed III)

Thankyou Section

A big thanks goes out to everyone that has visited this site and sent me e-mails!!! Thank you very much for your support!

Update Section

14/2/99 - Just added the Need for Speed High Stakes web page.

27/1/99 - Just added some great links to NFS III car sites.  Yes more cars that you can download for NFS III.

20/01/99 - Added the fourth new car image Jaguar XJR.   Go to the official Website to download the car and the showcase.
I have been unable to download the car because the site has been too busy but when I do I will let you what it is like.

13/12/98 - Added the third new car image Lister Storm.  Go to the official Website to download the car and the showcase.
This car absolutley flies!! One of my personal favourites.

17/11/98 - Added a few more links.

30/10/98 - Add the second downloaded car image of the Ferrari 456M. Go to the official Website to download the car and the showcase. Also, added new images to the screenshots section.

24/10/98 - Added new Image to Aussie Car section.

19/10/98 - Changed and labelled NFS III car section. Also, added new HSV screenshot. Plus added system requirements section.

17/10/98 - Added new Cop car Images.

16/10/98 - Added thumbnails to my Australian Car & Other Car section. Thanks to the suggestion from Frank.

9/10/98 - Check out the Official NFS III Site.  They have just added some quotes and reviews and cheat codes. I already have the cheat codes in my cheat section.

7/10/98 - Added new HSV screenshot and HSV and GT comparison.

6/10/98 - New 3dfx GT Falcon screenshots.

4/10/98 - I have just added some more pictures.  I have also added the new Australian Cars section.

30/9/98 - I have just added the first downloadable car image the Spectre R42. Make sure you go to the official NFS III website to download the car and the showcase.

News Section

17/11/98 - Auto patcher now available from the official website. This now allows you to have an updated version of NFSIII. Also, a new patch has been added.  Use the Auto patcher to install.

17/10/98 - Some quotes about NFS III.

"These environments don't just look good, they're also more dynamic than those in any other racing game to
date." Computer Gaming World

"EA has created their best Need For Speed yet." Digital Sports Publishing

"Add this to a number of customizable options and you've got a sequel worth running red lights for." CNET

"If I had to choose one racing game this year, I'd be in hot pursuit of Need For Speed III" ... "10 out of 10 review."
Electric Playground online

"The game rocks, pure and simple." Tom Ham, GameWeek Magazine

4/10/98 - New downloadable car should be arriving soon!!!

30/9/98 - NFS III page created today.

29/9/98 - New NFS III demo added to the official website. .