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This game is due to be released in Australia for the Playstation in March.  Well, finally it has arrived in Australia and I am dying to get my hands on a copy and race Holden vs Ford once again.

The Aussie cars include is the Holden HSV GTS and the Ford XR8.

Click here to download the NFS4 wallpaper. NFS4 Wallpaper

Below are some early screen shots from the game.

Here are some of the Cars you will find in the Playstation version.  All except for the VT HSV GTS plus pursuit version and the  Ford Falcon XR8 which are only found in the Australian Version.

    EA have announced the upcoming release of Need For Speed™: High Stakes for the PlayStation®.
    This next highly anticipated title in the popular racing series has been designed so racing enthusiasts
    will encounter a completely fresh and unique gameplay experience. Key features to include a new
    "High Stakes" mode that raises the stakes and consequences of competing in high adrenaline race
    challenges, a revamped, high intensity "Hot Pursuit" mode, a broad range of licensed sports and
    supercars, a game economy that allows for car purchases, upgrades and modification, visible and
    punitive car damage, eight new tracks and stunning special effects and graphics. The game is currently
    under development for a spring ‘99 release.

    Need for Speed "High Stakes will include:

         "High Stakes" mode provides the ultimate challenge in an intense head-to-head duel, by
         challenging players to bet one of their highly prized cars against one another. Adding to the
         intensity, the cars waged will be those that the player have earned and customized in
         previous races. The winner takes possession of the other player’s car via memory card.

         "Hot Pursuit" mode is revamped with new and improved features including the ability to be
         the police -- or conversely, the object of the police chases. Players choose from an
         assortment of performance cars or pursuit vehicles with ongoing real-time cop chatter from
         the police scanner to alert players of the state of the chase.

         "Tournament and special events" mode to feature an economic system in which racers earn
         money by competing in more than 12 unique tournaments and special events, use their
         winnings to purchase new exotics, repair damaged cars, as well as upgrade and modify
         supercars into their dream cars.

         Multiple licensed sports and supercars as well as a range of pursuit vehicles in Hot Pursuit
         mode :
         - BMW M5™ (includes a version in police trim)
         - BMW Z3™
         - Ferrari 550 Maranello™
         - Ferrari F50™
         - Lamborghini Diablo SV™ (includes a version in police trim)
         - Chevrolet™ Corvette™ C5 (includes a version in police trim)
         - Pontiac™ Firebird™ T/A
         - ChevroletÔ Camaro™ Z28
         - Mercedes™ CLKÔ GTR
         - Mercedes™ SLK™ 230
         - McLaren F1 GTR
         - Jaguar™ XKR™
         - Aston Martin DB7
         - Chevrolet™ Caprice™ in police trim
         * Additional car news to be announced shortly.

         Detailed graphics and realistic special effects - visible and punitive car damage that will
         affect driving performance, modeled car interiors with visible drivers in both player and
         opponent cars, reverse lights, turn signals, hazard lights, customizable license plates,
         varying weather conditions, oncoming traffic and day/night time driving with headlights, to
         name a few.

         Random track events - Artificial Intelligence will generate random events on the roadway,
         which will require the player to react quickly to avoid obstacles that weren’t there on
         previous laps.

         Eight uniquely themed open road tracks.

    Need For Speed: High Stakes for the PlayStation will be available in late March. The game will
    carry an “E” Everyone ESRB rating. More information on Need For Speed can be found on the EA
    product web site:

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