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Welcome to my Need for Speed III page!!!!

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Need for Speed III has just been released in Australia.  The Australian and New Zealand versions feature the Holden HSV GTS and the Ford Falcon 30th Anniversary GT. This is an absolutely great game for the PC, especially in 3dfx. The inclusion of the two Australian cars is a great idea.

They look great, drive great and perform like the real thing!! Holden vs Ford the ultimate battle!!! Race against your friends or try being a cop in Hot Pursuit mode.

If you own a PC and you have a 3dfx card you should go out and buy this because it is great value and great fun to play!  Also, you are now able to download new cars via the  Need for Speed III website on the internet!

The PC version of NFS III has even more options and even more cars than the Playstation version.

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