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NFS III Cheats

Cheats for NFS III - PC Version

Type the cheats below at any menu to activate the cheat.

madland - Unknown.

rushhour - Race with lots of traffic.

empire - Race on the Empire City Track.

elninor - Race the El Nino Car.

merc - Race the Mercedes CLK GTR.

gofast - Make your car go super fast in Single Race mode.

allcars - Enable all cars including Pursuit Vehicles

Type the cheats below then click RACE to drive the different non-player cars.

go01 - Miata

go02 - Toyota Landcruiser

go03 - Cargo Truck

go04 - BMW 5 Series

go05 - 71 Plymouth Cuda

go06 - Ford Pickup with Camper Shell

go07 - Jeep Cherokee

go08 - Ford Fullsize Van

go09 - 64/65 Mustang

go10 - 66 Chevy Pickup

go11 - Range Rover

go12 - School Bus

go13 - Taxi - Caprice Classic

go14 - Chevy Cargo Van

go15 - Volvo Station Wagon

go16 - Sedan

go17 - Crown Victoria Cop Car

go18 - Mitsubishi Eclipse Cop Car

go19 - Grand Am Cop Car

go20 - Range Rover Cop Car/Ranger Vehicle

go21 - Cargo Truck (same as 03)